Movement classes

Movement is medicine. We offer a variety of movement options to be enjoyed in groups, or on an individual basis (one-on-one). Our movement menu provides for cardio fitness, fun and dance and general wellbeing. It is suited for newbies, experienced athletes, the young and the not-so young. We also offer health-focused options.

pilates classes


Pilates is a well-known exercise option that focuses on strengthening the core muscles and improving flexibility. It incorporates controlled movements and emphasizes proper alignment and breathing techniques. Pilates exercises can be done using body weight or with the assistance of equipment, such as the reformer or the stability ball. It is suitable for people of all fitness levels and can help improve posture, balance and overall muscle tone while promoting a mind-body connection.

We are privileged to have a depth of experience in our instructors and offer individual and group sessions; we also provide for those who suffer from chronic neck and back pain. This is a firm favourite and safe exercise option prescribed by orthopedic surgeons to help manage back pain sufferers.

Sport specific

These classes are designed to strengthen muscle groups and the movement patterns most used in a specific sport.

We currently focus on golf, running, swimming, and cycling, but we would love to add a class should the need arise from a different sporting community.

strength training classes

Fit ‘n Strong

Our Fit ‘n Strong classes offer innovative alternatives for individuals who prefer not to go to a gym or lack access to one. We provide engaging and dynamic classes that are designed to both lengthen and strengthen your body, offering a fresh approach to fitness.

Whether you’re looking to improve flexibility, build strength, or enhance overall fitness, our classes aim to deliver a challenging and unique experience.

Therapeutic focus

Our therapeutic classes are specifically designed to meet the needs of persons with specific concerns. We focus on addressing conditions such as osteoporosis, targeting people who spend prolonged hours behind a computer, those suffering from back pain and those who have never exercised before or may be hesitant to start.

With a gentle and supportive approach, our classes provide a safe and welcoming environment.

Save with our bundle & bulk options!

In addition to our Bundles of 5 or 10 classes, we also offer a bulk option (25 classes).

If you’re new to The Body Centre and want to try out only one class, please click the ‘Enquire now’ link next to the Pay-as-you-go option for us to contact you.





Try out any class

R100 / class


Pay as you go

R130 / class


Bundle of 5

R120 / class


Bundle of 10

R110 / class


BULK (25 classes)

R100 / class


Option 1: Try out any class

Fee: R100 / class

Option 2: Pay as you go

Cost: R130 / class

Option 3: Bundle of 5 classes

Cost: R120 / class

Total: R600

Option 4: Bundle of 10 classes

Cost: R110 / class

Total: R1100

Option 5: BULK (25 classes)

Cost: R100 / class

Total: R2500

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