Meet our team

Some of our therapists have been with us for 12 years, and some for 3 months.  Regardless of the duration of their involvement, the commitment to excellence is a given.

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An advanced sports massage therapist, Martine has been an invaluable member of our team since September 2014. Martine’s journey began at Healing Hands International, where she honed her skills and passion for sports massage therapy. We can thank one of her clients, who participated in Wines2Whales and experienced Martine’s effective massage, for recommending that she join our team.

Martine has built a strong reputation as a highly sought-after therapist, thanks to her firm touch and intuitive understanding of her clients’ needs. With her expert hands and consistency, she has become a favourite among our clients.

Not only is Martine a devoted mother of two, but also a natural athlete, who enjoys running – but has capped herself at 21k.


A very special member of our team since September 2014, Helene’s academic background includes a B.Sc in Sports & Exercise Science from UWC. Her massage training was through the renowned Healing Hands Institute where she focused on Swedish and Sports Massage.

Helene has a unique ability to adapt her techniques to meet the individual needs of each client, while her enthusiasm and infectious laughter add an element of joy to every massage session.

This team player has also showcased her talent in the sporting arena and holds Provincial colours for both netball and swimming and represented WC Southern Stings, for several years.

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A dedicated therapist who joined our team in 2017, Danya holds a degree in Sports Science from the University of Stellenbosch and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her treatment room.

Danya’s is a self-proclaimed sport-a-holic who leads a very active lifestyle. Her first-hand experience fuels her commitment to helping clients optimize performance and recovery through targeted massages which may only be described as trigger-point accurate!

Danya has podiumed in many sports, and we are proud of the fact that her work / life balance allowed her to achieve the title WP Biathlon Champion of 2022.


Maroesjka has the honour of being our first sport therapist at The Body Centre (then BodyandBike) back in 2010.  She obtained her qualification in Holistic & Sports Massage through Healing Hands International.

Maroesjka is a firm favourite among cyclists due to her very impressive track record. Her many accolades include being a multiple South African track champion and African Continental TT Gold medalist 2021.

In addition to massage therapy, Maroesjka has also found time to qualify as a UCI Level 2 cycling coach and start a cycling academy.  She carries her motto of “winning at life” into every sports-oriented massage and is committed to making a difference.


With a Diploma in Fitness through the internationally accredited Exercise Teachers Academy in Stellenbosch, Andrea joined us in August 2022.

Andrea is focused and known for quietly getting the job done. Despite her small frame, she delivers a firm massage and speaks truth to dynamite coming in small packages!

In her free time, Andrea enjoys running and has a keen interest in pursuing different adventures.


Willemien was the first therapist to join our team after the 2020 pandemic, during which she suffered the misfortune of being trapped on an ocean liner! 

Having obtained her qualification through the prestigious Isa Carstens Academy, she brings a diverse skillset to the team, being qualified and experienced in reflexology, thai massage, lymph draining techniques, as well as Swedish & deep tissue massage.

With an amazing ability to communicate through her hands, Willemien’s technique speak volumes during her sessions.

Willemien loves to travel and has extensive overseas working experience.


Johné’s journey has come full circle, as she now works in close proximity to where she spent her childhood. She is a proud product of local DF Malan High School and holds a Bachelor of Science in Sport Science from Stellenbosch University.

Her journey in massage therapy started at EPT, complemented by a thorough three-month internship at The Body Centre.

With a lifelong passion for an active lifestyle, Johné thrives in bodyweight training, athletics, and hockey. Her presence on the team brings a nurturing and gentle spirit.

Committed to your better, best body!

Whether you visit us for a targeted Sports massage to help you recover from an injury or maintain peak performance, or attend a Movement class for increased agility – you can count on our professional therapists to help you achieve your goals!